Are you looking for a guilt free, spa quality body polish that you can make at home for silky soft skin? Well then, you've found it! This luxury 100% natural skin care recipe created by The Little Alchemist founder will get your skin silky smooth and glowing all over.

Many of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. First of all I thought we would discuss a little more about the key selected ingredients used the make this delicious body polish. 





Himalayan salt is a beautiful pink coloured salt that is mined from Pakistan. It contains 84 trace elements, helps to detox the skin and relax tired, sore muscles. Himalayan salt provides a perfect base and texture to buff and manually exfoliate skin to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin super soft.


Cacao pronounced (ka-kow) and known as "the food of gods" has been used for centuries. It contains over 300 known compounds. Not only is raw cacao a powerhouse of nutrients and skin loving antioxidants but it also smells totally delish. Raw Cacao is high in magnesium and contains one of the highest antioxidant levels on the planet, exceeding that of red wine, green tea and many other fruits and vegetables. The flavanols in raw cacao can help to maintain youthful, beautiful skin. It also contains sulfur to promote healthy glowing skin.


Did you know that there is more to coffee than just drinking it?  Coffee has many benefits and properties that are great for using in natural skin care to keep your skin looking it's best. In skin care coffee is useful for helping to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, detox, exfoliate and help to tone the texture of skin, improve circulation and reduce cellulite, so apart from the yummy smell it's great to use in body scrubs to help keep your skin looking it's best.


Coconut often hailed as the "tree of life" ... because the humble, nutrient rich coconut has been used for over 400 years and revered for it's nutritional benefits, wellness, beauty and skin hydrating qualities. It is rich in Lauric acid  and provides natural anti viral, healing and anti bacterial properties. 

This recipe will make approx 200g of body polish. If you want to make a larger batch simply double the weight of the ingredients or if you would like to make a smaller batch divide in half and so on.



Phase A

90g Pink Himalayan Salt (fine granule)

10g Raw Cacao Powder

10g Freshly ground coffee beans

Phase B

60g Extra virgin Coconut Oil

30g Camellia Oil

2g your choice of essential oils (optional)


1 large (clean and dry) stainless steel bowl and Pyrex jug

1 large (clean & dry) metal spoon

disposable gloves

Kitchen scales

2 dry clean containers to house your finished body polish

This little recipe is sooo easy to make and soooo good... your skin will love it! Okay so once you have your gloves on, all your ingredients and clean utensils sorted it's time to start.


The Mixing...




Step 1: Measure out your phase A ingredients into stainless steel bowl and mix well until combined.

Step 2: Measure out your phase B ingredients into glass Pyrex jug and mix well. (note: if your coconut oil is not liquid you will need to gently warm first to bring it to liquid).

Step 3: Add phase B (OILS) to phase A ingredients and mix thoroughly until combined.

Step 4:  Package up into you clean and dry containers.


DIY natural beauty recipes


Directions on how to use: Grab a scoop of body polish in your hand and apply to entire body excluding face (wet skin) in circular motions to gently buff and polish for super soft, sexy skin. Finish off with one of our delicious natural body butters for an extra skin treat.

Side Notes; Because this product does not contain a preservative you need to try and avoid getting water into the product, so when you are using it you should scoop out the amount you need with a clean dry spoon and then reseal the lid. Do not use on broken and irritated skin. If you don't have the above oils you can use what you have in your cupboard ie olive oil etc. If you want a different consistency you can add/decrease the oil amount used in the recipe. 

That's all there is to it, so what are you waiting for...hop to it and getting making! We would love to hear your feedback and how you went so please leave us your comments here on the blog or on our Facebook page. Happy making! 

*Safety side note: when using this polish in the shower/bath please take care as it can become slippery due to the use of the oil in this recipe.

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Love, The Little Alchemist x

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March 05, 2014 by Natalie Van Epen
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