I'm a big fan of essential oils and love to use them in my daily life and around the home so I thought it might be fun to introduce you into my world of essential oils and some ways that you can use them in your everyday life by sharing with you a new blend each week on the blog. Welcome to "blend of the week...blends for your daily life."

In Sydney this week it's been a bit of a dull, miserable rainy week. When the weather's like this sometimes I find myself feeling a bit down and really unmotivated to want to do anything except for curl up with a good book. So in honor of the crappy weather we have been having this week I thought I would share an uplifting blend that I like to use at home. I like to burn this blend when my space feels a bit stuffy and I want to lift my spirits.


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We love this amazing alchemist style oil burner from Australian brand page thirty three.


Refresh and invigorate your spirits with this uplifting blend. This blend of essential oils will give you a spark of extra energy to help get you going, filling the air with a deliciously rejuvenating scent to help lift your spirits.

2  drops of bergamont

2  drops of grapefruit

2  drops of lime

1  drop of orange

1  drop of frankincense



BERGAMONT (Citrus bergamia) Is cold pressed from the rind of the bergamont orange. It can be used to enhance positive energy, calmness, relaxation, concentration, confidence, balance, motivation, joy, rejuvenation. strength and fulfillment. It can be used to reduce Depression, anxiety, burn-out, loneliness, grief, tension, bitterness and sadness.

GRAPEFRUIT (Citrus paradisi) Is steam distilled from the peel. It can be used to enhance balance, positive energy, confidence, joy, vitality, courage clarity of thought, inspiration, creativity and self empowerment. It can be used to help reduce Depression, colds and flu, exhaustion, frustration, irritability and insecurity.

LIME (Citrus aurantifolia) Can be either steam distilled or cold pressed. Lime can be used to enhance vitality, positive energy, clarity of thought, fun, laughter, appetite for life and inspiration. It can be used to help reduce colds and flu, depression, nervous exhaustion, stress, fatigue, self doubt, heaviness and apathy.

ORANGE (Citrus aurantium) Is cold pressed from the peel. It can enhance sensuality, joy, creativity, balance, self assurance, warmth, love, communication, vitality and positive energy. It can help to reduce stress, anxiety, sadness obsession, and loss of hope.

FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia thurifera) DO NOT USE DURING THE FIRST 3 MONTHS OF PREGNANCY Is steam distilled from the gum resin.  It can be used to enhance calmness, spirituality, balance, mediation, warming, healing, inner wisdom, emotional release and courage. It can be used to help reduce stress, insomnia, emotional weakness, fear and imbalance.



Pure Frankincense Resin


Where can you purchase an oil burner from? These days you can purchase an oil burner from many shops like natural healing shops, health food shops, boutique shops, online and I've even seem then in some chemists too. I prefer the electric ones over the candle burning ones but either is fine it's just up to your budget and personal preference.

Where can I get my essential oils from? Again these days essential oils are ready available and you should look in the above mentioned type stores or online. A note about buying essential oils; It's important when buying essential oils that you are buying them from a reputable company and that they are 100% essential oil and not some cheap and nasty fragrance oil.


In our natural skin care range we use Distilled Lime essential oil in the following products; Papaya, lime & Geranium Cleansing Milk.


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March 01, 2014 by Natalie Van Epen
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