Underneath the cacophony and rabble of the mind, there is stillness.
Stillness in an electric state of aliveness - Divine Stillness.


The vibrating energy of consciousness, the creative source of your being. The self-perpetuating, constantly propelling velocity of the universe. The indefinable something, present on a quantum level, zinging at the highest possible frequency, back and forth and roundabout between the atoms.

All accessible to you,

Because it's in you,

It IS you.  

It’s Who You Are below your mind, and above any ideas you previously held about yourself. Seek out this still place when you need an answer, or healing, or direction, or truth, or peace, or love, or focus, or to hear the voice of god.


The more we live as an active receptors of this electrical charge of stillness, the easier it is to manifest within ourselves this very same power. This is why prayer works. Meditation works. Chanting works. Anything that submerges, even momentarily, beneath the cacophony and into the stillness, accesses and harnesses the creative power of the universe. And since the universe is always looking to create, propel, destroy and recreate itself, so are you.

As stars explode and die then morph into powerful black holes or massive supernovae, so do you.

Look for the times in life that feel like they’re ‘going to destroy you’, when the pain is too much to handle, where you feel as though you may just explode with the inability to cope. Give in, let it happen. Does the star fight its own destruction? No, mysteriously it knows a transformation is taking place – a necessary catharsis; violent and painful, utter destruction giving way to new life. And not just new; bigger, brighter life, with more power, more energy, more influence – more vast than ever before.

We mirror the design of the universe in all its intricacies. We are born, we create, we die, and then we’re reborn as something new. Literally and figuratively both, all throughout our little lives. Even our little neurons mirror the image of structure of the universe!

Macro/micro, god/atom, it’s all one, we’re all one, vastness and minutiae, the connection is real, and it’s accessed through stillness.


Lisa x

March 29, 2014 by Lisa Treloar
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