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This blog will be a scrapbook of all of the lovely things I am learning on my health and wellness journey. Nat is the brains and the creator behind all of the beautiful products at The Little Alchemist. I am her younger sister, Jess, and I have been a lover of all things nutrition, sustainability, health and wellness for a few years now. (For the record, our brother Tom is studying exercise science and human nutrition at uni and hopes to be a Physiotherapist in the future!). I am in no way an expert in all things health and wellness, but I hope sharing my discoveries is insightful in some way. I know I'm going to have fun sharing.

For us, and for our brother Tom, our journey started when we were much younger. We spent a lovely childhood not far from Bellingen NSW, in the bush, living by the river, eating the food our family grew, and always sharing meals and celebrations with the rest of our little community. Our farm had many fruit and nut trees, and our father hunted the meat we ate. I remember litres of homemade tahini in our pantry, and an absence of coke and lollies unlike many other households. I feel really fortunate to my parents for bringing us up in that environment.



As I got older and gained more independence my choices became more questionable and I remember loving crappy deodorant, my chapstick collection and having a penchant for processed salt and vinegar crumbed chicken breasts. I shudder at the thought of venturing back in that territory now!

Thankfully I started to sway back to more healthful choices during my first year of university in 2007. Nowadays I try to live my life with my health and the health of the environment in mind. I still have a chocolate addiction and I have flown in an aeroplane too often to appeal to my conscience over the last 12 months. However, I'm constantly reading and educating myself, forming new habits, experimenting, and having fun in the process.

Using pure and natural skincare, such as The Little Alchemist, is just one choice that we can make. There are so many other things that we can do to encourage healthy bodies, peaceful and stress-free minds, and a better future for our planet. Some of you may be far more experienced than I, and I welcome your comments and discussion. Journeys are better when they are shared after all.

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July 18, 2013 by Jessica Veenhuyzen

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